Discover the Island

PanoramicThe total length of the island’s pathways is 10km. With three hours of relaxed walking the visitor can obtain a good idea of the variety of the landscape. All you need is a pair of sports shoes, and of course hat, sunscreen and water during the summer months.
One that doesn’t enjoy walking so much can relax by the blue sea either on the jetty or on the northern beach, which is 5 minutes walk. Even on a relaxed, short stay like that, Chrissi remains very impressive.
Human presence on the island dates back to the Minoan times but only recently the natural environment has been disturbed. The preservation of such a special place, apart from the ethical element, is also imposed by strict national and European law.
For the reasons above, it is not allowed to:
walk outside the designated paths and beaches ,is not allowed to litter, to collect rocks,
shells, plants, to light fires

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