The sea turtle Caretta caretta

The sea turtle Caretta caretta

The sea turtle Caretta caretta has been observed many times on the island, but without any records of nesting.

Up to now more than 120 species of birds have been reported, the vast majority of which are migrant species that find in Chrissi a place to rest and feed themselves for their long journey.

In recent years the residents of Ierapetra transferred partridges, hares and rabbits. Hares have now become extinct and there is a systematic attempt to remove the rabbits.Some decades ago, when the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus Monachus) was not threatened by man, it could be seen coming out of the water and basking in the sun, on the island’s beaches.

Today it rarely appears and mostly the name Fokiospilo (seal cav

sea turtle Caretta caretta

e) on the northwestern coast reminds us of its once common presence.For the last centuries Chrissi was practically deserted, while much earlier there were small settlements.

On the western and eastern part, broken pieces of pottery have been found, which shows activity during the Minoan times. In the northwest there is a chapel of Agios Nikolaos, possibly built in the 13th century.

Northeast of the chapel and near the shore there is an even older salt pan and the only house on the island, which is built on ancient ruins that include a small building and a small port. South and southwest of Agios Nikolaos there are some wells and a few carved graves. The largest one dates from the Roman times.